1st Stuttgart Party Raft – Facts


  • Length: 25,55 m,
  • Width:  9,8 m,
  • Freebord: 1,15 m,
  • Space on deck: 15,0 x 7,5 m.

The seating along the 1m high rail is fix-mounted. The inner table rows are mobile. It is pos­sible to re­move all inner tables. Because of this you'll get the space of more than 100 qm.

Passenger transport

Entirely seated the raft pro­vides room for 200 pas­sen­gers. Depending on the need of space for (buffet, ex­hi­bits, seating etc.), the men­tioned number of pas­sen­gers can vary.
Further details see: The Idea – History, more photos: Gallery

On board

  • Extendable roofing: In case of bad weather a can­vas may cover half of the deck, see the graphic.
  • The raft is entered via pe­des­tri­an en­trances on the long sides. If there is no sui­table mooring avail­ab­le, the raft carries a mov­able jetty which can be laid out with a crane.
  • On deck two high anchor piles are re­mar­kable. If a mooring cannot be ap­proached when stopping, they are helpful. In this case the anchor piles are lowered into the bottom of the river to anchor the raft. Now it cannot drift off, even in a current.
  • In the aft area there are toilets, (hand­i­capped ac­ces­sible), the pantry for the drinks and food dis­tri­bu­tion and the stair­case to the wheel­house.


The skipper in charge is a long-time employee of the Neckar-Käpt'n. He's in pos­ses­sion of the barge­man's license.

For the well-being of the guests our qual­i­fied res­tau­rant staff is pro­viding, with many years of ex­pe­ri­ence in the field of river cruising.

Extendable roofing, (yellow canvas)

Seating of the inner rows flexible

Virtual Tour: 1st Stuttgart Party Raft

You can explore our Wilhelma and the Party Raft with the help of the virtual tour. By clicking on the fol­low­ing image you will be redi­rec­ted to the provider page. The Party Raft offers a lot of space with extendable partial roofing, mostly variable seating, grill on board and a wide access for large exhibits and decorations. Please do not hes­i­tate to contact us if you have any ques­tions.

Technical details

This modern raft is a fully-fledged pas­sen­ger ship, built according to the latest building reg­u­lations (2006), with cer­tif­i­cate zone 3, approved for all European rivers.

The hull is a modern ship hull made of high-strength 6 mm shipbuilding steel. Above the water­line the hull is clad with 20 mm thick half timber from Canadian Hamlock wood, (from sustainable cultivation).

The drives and storage rooms are lo­ca­ted in the lower deck. The raft is diesel-elec­tri­cally driven with two Iveco en­gines, each with an output of 110 kW. They allow a maximum speed of 14 km/h. With its engine power, it can also be used on faster flowing rivers – with­out any prob­lems. A lateral-thrust unit serves for better ma­noeu­vra­bility.

The party raft com­plies with the latest safety and quality stan­dards in ship­building. It is equipped with all legally required rescue equip­ment, as well as a DEFI, (defi­brilla­tor).


The 1st Stuttgart Party Raft was built at the ship­yard center Mittel­rhein in Remagen.